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TireMinder Safety Tips - Check Manufacturing Dates

Posted by Michael Pescitelli on

TireMinder Safety Tips - Checking Manufacturing Dates

Checking tire manufacturing dates.

The old saying “Looks can be deceiving” is especially true for tire safety. This 4th of July, before you hit the road for a family vacation, take a few minutes to check the date on your tires.

For those of us who only take a vacation once or twice a year, we become especially susceptible to internal rot, even if the tires look perfectly good on the outside. This internal degradation of the tires can cause blow outs and other related issues.

This scenario can easily be avoided by checking the manufactured date of your tires. Any date older than 5 years, should be replaced. The date of the tire will be located on the side of the tire, indicated by manufacturing week and year. The week is shown as the actual week of the year (Ex: nth week out of the 52 weeks in a year).

Please view the picture above to get a better understanding of checking your tires.

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