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Digital Dual Head Pressure RV Tire Pressure TireMinder Gauge (TMG-Dual-2)


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Dual Head Digital Pressure Gauge 10 – 150 psi (TMG-Dual-2)

  • +/- 2 PSI Precision from 10-150 PSI
  • Replaceable LR44 Batteries (Included)
  • Includes 2 Interchangeable Heads (Straight and 45°)
  • Reads Units of Pressure in PSI, kPa and BAR
  • Rear Facing Flashlight
  • LED Backlight
  • 1 Year Warranty

How to replace the battery:

Battery Replacement Guide


To use our digital tire gauge, please refer to the following directions:

  1. Press the green button next to the TireMinder logo. This will turn the gauge on.
  2. Pressing the button again when the gauge is on will cycle through PSI (Pounds Per Square Inch, main unit of pressure used for measuring tire pressure in North America), BAR (barometric) and KPA (kilopascal). Select the unit of measure you would like to use to display your tire pressure.
  3. Push the gauge’s head onto the valve stem to compress the valve core, which will release air into the gauge.
  4. Once a reading has appeared on the gauge, remove the gauge’s head from the valve stem.
  5. Read the pressure on the gauge display.

Link to Tech Support & Battery Replacement Guide


Weight 1.25 kg
Dimensions 1.5 × 4 × 15.5 cm
Warranty Infomation

One Year Warranty

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3 reviews for Digital Dual Head Pressure RV Tire Pressure TireMinder Gauge (TMG-Dual-2)

  1. Jack Byers

    The Tire Minder TMG-Dual2 came in a package with no instructions, except a statement at the end of the warrantee statement “Visit for further instructions”. There is nothing there.

    Minder: We apologize for this error and are working on fixing it and getting instructions on the website.

  2. Wayne Linschied

    As received, had two different 45 degree heads. Am not sure how I will change the battery as I didn’t see any instructions to do so. It would be nice if this unit sensed when it is connected to a pressure and turn on. Several times I connect it to the valve stem only to realize that I haven’t turned it on.

  3. Lou Crouch

    I haven’t had much opportunity to try out my new digital tire pressure gauge; however, so far, so good. I did share some of the warranty language on Facebook (without using the company’s name), and it received a bunch of “likes.” The willingness of Minder Research to replace a damaged tire pressure gauge if used to break glass in a life-threatening situation or thwart potential muggers/hijackers/terrorists is obviously noteworthy. Good stuff! Got my attention. Now, I want one of your TPMS systems.

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Digital Dual Head Pressure RV Tire Pressure TireMinder Gauge (TMG-Dual-2)

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