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How do I change the time from 24 hour to 12 hour clock?

To switch from 24hr clock, press & hold the "up" button. This is the third sliver button on the right hand side of the receiver on the MRC105AG receiver. Press the top part of the up/down button to toggle between 12 and 24 hours clocks. If you can see the (TINY) AM or PM icon, you are in the 12 hour mode. If no icon appears you are in the 24 hour mode. We suggest you do this after noon as you will then see a tiny "PM" icon on the screen.

I cannot open the door on the transmitter to place the batteries inside! Help!

Upon first use, the transmitter’s battery cover may be difficult to remove. If that is the case, remove the brass screw completely. Insert a strong narrow object (like a jeweler’s screw driver) and pry up as hard as necessary. Do not worry about breaking the cover. It will pop off first.