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Adding Extra Transmitters?
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How do I add extra transmitters?

TIP: Transmitter Batteries Go In the Same Direction

Short Version (multiple transmitters):

- Insert 2 AA batteries in Receiver (you have 5 minutes to complete the following)
- Insert 2 AAA batteries in first RS 10 transmitter (wait for “CH1” temp to appear)
- ONLY After Red Glow in first RS10 disappears, insert 2 AAA in 2nd transmitter (wait for “CH2” temp to appear).
- After Red Glow in second RS10 disappears, insert 2 AAA in 3rd RS10 transmitter.

Long Version Supplement to original Operating Directions (Powering up):

- Remove the clear overlay on the receiver (if you don’t, the numbers will never change – ha!!!)
- Remove the battery compartment doors from the receiver and any RS10 transmitters to be used. The remote transmitter covers may be hard to remove. Press “in” and push “down” hard in the direction of the arrow. We apologize if this seems too difficult.

However, in order to maintain a certain level of water resistance it was this or screws! - Insert 2 “AA” alkaline batteries in the indoor receiver (FIRST). If there are no numbers on the LCD screen, you either have dead batteries or one of them is in backwards! After all icons disappear, look for radiating “search” bars in the upper left corner.

These will remain visible for 5 minutes. Any programming of remote transmitters will have to be completed while these bars are visible (now or in the future).

- Next, Insert 2 “AAA” alkaline batteries in an RS10 remote transmitter (small white thing). A red light will glow for 15 seconds inside the transmitter. The remote temperature will appear on the receiver and you should see “Channel 1” in the upper left corner.

If using more than one remote transmitter (up to 3 possible), you may wish to mark this transmitter as #1. The Red Glow mentioned earlier will disappear after 15 seconds. Wait for it to go out.

You may now install the batteries in a second transmitter. Again, wait until a “channel 2” appears, then mark the transmitter as #2.

Again wait for the red light to go out before installing batteries in a 3rd transmitter. The receiver automatically assigns channel numbers (upper left corner of the screen) as it recognizes each signal.

- Please understand that even though the receiver and the remote are close together (side by each?), the temperatures will not match exactly. It can take up to 48 hours for them to come within 1°C (2°F). Re-locate all transmitters to their final locations (enjoy).