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TMG-Dual-2 Battery Replacement Instructions
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To use our digital tire gauge, please refer to the following directions:

  1. Press the green button next to the TireMinder logo. This will turn the gauge on.
  2. Pressing the button again when the gauge is on will cycle through PSI (Pounds Per Square Inch, main unit of pressure used for measuring tire pressure in North America), BAR (barometric) and KPA (kilopascal). Select the unit of measure you would like to use to display your tire pressure.
  3. Push the gauge’s head onto the valve stem to compress the valve core, which will release air into the gauge.
  4. Once a reading has appeared on the gauge, remove the gauge’s head from the valve stem.
  5. Read the pressure on the gauge display.

How to Change the Batteries

  1. Remove the two screws on the rear of the TMG-Dual-2.
    TireMinder TMG-Dual-2 Remove Rear Screws
  2. Remove the head and head holder.
    TireMinder TMG-Dual-2 Remove Head
  3. Remove display base from gauge.
    TireMinder TMG-Dual-2 Remove Display
  4. Replace batteries located under foam material. Replace foam material after batteries have been replaced.
    TireMinder TMG-Dual-2 Replace Batteries
"How Do I Change the Heads on the TMG-Dual-2?"

-Grip dual head AND shaft firmly

-Rotate counter clockwise until loose

-Insert replacement dual head and rotate clockwise until firm (be careful not to over tighten)

"What kind of batteries does the TMG-DUAL-2 take and how many?"

3 LR44 batteries, available at Wal-Mart, Radio Shack or any place that sells button style batteries.