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TireMinder TM66

TM66­­™ Series TPMS - Technical Support

Buy the TireMinder TM66-M4 Through Camping World

Buy the TireMinder TM66-M6 Through Camping World

Click the following link to be taken to Camping World, the exclusive partner of the TireMinder TM66.

Installation Video

Product Details

Our next generation, the TM66™, is a complete redesign and there are no others similar to it. The TM66™ features several new features such as a single action full memory delete, auto-search, front or rear disconnect modes, micro USB charger, and a new sleek, contoured body. Currently, it is available exclusively at Camping World.

A further explanation of these features can be found below:

The single action full memory delete is a feature that allows the full reset of all of the tire locations (start over).

The auto-search feature makes it extremely easy to update information or force a search and reset of all tire locations.

Front or rear disconnect mode is a feature that allows the separation of two sets of transmitters, such as for a truck connected to a trailer. Therefore, the truck can be disconnected and still have TPMS functionality, without having to reconfigure the device. Once the two units are reunited, a simple cancellation of the disconnect mode will automatically find the returned transmitters.

The micro USB charger is the prevalent charger for today's smartphones, which is why it was chosen as the charging solution for our TM66™ monitor.

The redesigned body features a contoured design that accentuates the easy to read display, making the device much easier to interpret.

Animated Setup

Animated Setup

Support Manual PDF

TM66™ Quick Start Guide
TM66™ Full Support Manual - English
For further information or support regarding the TM66™ Series TPMS,
Please contact our support team:
Phone: (772) 463-6522

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