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Using Crossfire with TireMinder

For those customers looking to use a Crossfire Equalization System with their TireMinder TPMS, customer Dale from Maricopa Arizona has given us great insight.

Dale writes:

"...I now agree the Tire Minder will NOT work properly if connected to a single valve. It would read a pressure - let’s say 90 psi in my case.

The orifaces in the Crossfire between the two tires are very small. The tires will equalize with a small difference of pressure and the safety valve between the two orifaces will not close off. But if a blow out were to occur, the pressure difference would slam that safety valve closed almost instantly. One tire would go to zero and the other might drop to 89 - if even that.

So if there were only one tire minder, Tire Minder would think everything was ok, possibly show a small leak. With two Tire Minders, the blow out would alarm almost instantly.

The additional cost for the two extra stainless valves was only about $25 per set of tires ($50 total). The additional Tire Minder transmitter are $40 each. Why not do it right?"

Crossfire on TireMinder TPMS. Crossfire on TireMinder TPMS. Crossfire on TireMinder TPMS.

To summarize, yes, you can use the TireMinder TPMS with a Crossfire Equalization System. However, it is recommended to place 2 transmitters before the safety valve. These special Crossfire systems are available online or from Ed Donley of Donley Enterprises:

Donley Enterprises
Ed Donley
(800) 774-1944