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What does NO5 mean?

NO5 or "No Signal" - What does it mean?

If this appears on the display, it means the monitor has lost the “S”ignal from one or more transmitters. This issue needs to be addressed when convenient (before leaving on a trip, at the next rest stop or campground, etc.).

There are multiple possible causes for this warning:

  • The booster is not functioning. All TireMinder systems come with a booster included, unless otherwise indicated. If you have not installed it, then “shame on you.” If it is installed, check that the booster is powered correctly.
  • The antenna was not fully extended causing weak reception. (This does not apply to the Smart TPMS or TM-77)
  • The system is over 9 months old and the transmitter batteries need to be replaced. One of the transmitters has been lost or damaged.
  • Electronic Interference: With the constant addition of new wireless products (many running at 433 MHz), it is possible that the TireMinder® signal is being interrupted by electronic interference. If the signal comes back or is lost intermittently, you can rest assured the loss is due to such interference. 90% of this problem is cured by using the booster. Is yours installed with a green LED glowing? If YES, and all other possible signal loss reasons have been eliminated, consider moving the booster to a more central location.
  • Distance: Under normal operating conditions, distance is not an issue if you have installed the booster. At the same time, extreme cold and low transmitter battery (under 3 volts) power will shorten the operating distance even with a booster installed.
  • Missing Vehicle – “no5 (S)”: The appearance of the “no5 (S)” is inevitable when a towed vehicle/trailer is separated from the towing unit unless you implement the unique “Disconnect Mode”

If you do not use the “Disconnect Mode” but are aware you left the vehicle behind, you may simply ignore the warnings.

If you are not aware of the missing vehicle, we suggest you turn around and go find it!!!

When the two systems are re-united, the monitor will pick up the missing tires automatically. This usually happens within the first 20 minutes. If you need them to re-connect immediately, simply loosen (depressurize) and tighten (re-pressurize) the transmitters on any missing wheels.

OUR Recommended Alternative is to put the unit in the full “Auto-search Mode”