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TempMinder® Tips and Tricks

* If you do not get a reading right away please remove batteries, wipe the battery compartment clean and try again.

* Always use fresh, alkaline batteries. DO NOT use non-alkaline, rechargeables and "Dollar Store" batteries.

* Lithium batteries allow superior transmission in cold temperatures. Use them for your outdoor transmitters.

* Always try fresh batteries and using the "reset" if the temp and/or humidity are blinking. Use a straightened paper clip at the reset, and wait to hear a tiny click.

* Double-paned glass can cause interference- sometimes a cement wall works much better.

* 99% of TempMinder "problems" are solved by moving the receiver and/or transmitter to a few different locations until you get a strong signal.

* Outdoor transmitters should be placed under an eave or sill, out of direct sunlight and drenching rain for best performance.

* Other wireless gadgets can cause interference. Keep in mind doorbells, garage doors, microwave ovens and wireless routers.

* Remove any protective stickers from the transmitter and receiver displays. Yes, people have really called us asking why the numbers don't ever change!

* Our TempMinders® are not meant to replace NOAA or Environment Canada's Weather Office. A variance of up to 3-4 degrees Fahrenheit or 1-2 degrees Celsius is normal.

* Remember, the temperature on the weather channel may be several degrees different than the temperature at your house.

* If nothing suggested here helps, shoot us an e-mail with your TempMinder® model number and a brief description of the problem so we can lend a hand!

* After inserting batteries in the receiver “do not touch any buttons” Until after you have synced up your transmitters.