How to Store Your TireMinder TPMS


Storing Your
TireMinder TPMS

What is the best way to store your TireMinder TPMS during
the winter? What about when you’re going to be storing your RV for a few months
or more? Here at Minder Research, we are often asked this question by our conscientious
customers… so here is the best way to store your TireMinder!

If your RV is stored in a weather proof environment, you can simply leave the transmitters on the valve stems. The difference between keeping the transmitters on or off of the vehicle while in storage is minimal.

If the RV is stored outside, it is better to remove the transmitters. After 20 minutes of no pressure, the
transmitters will no longer emit signal. This is a better
method than removing the batteries from the transmitters because, when the
batteries touch (such as in a bag), they will quickly drain power.

Remember, when removing the TireMinder transmitters, keep
them in order. For example, our order system includes numbering plastic bags
and putting transmitters in the plastic bags according to our tire diagram:

TireMinder Storage BagsTireMinder TPMS Diagram

With this method, you can easily refer to where to put the
transmitters once you are ready to get back on the road. Now, you may wish to do this differently and
that’s great! The main point is to keep the transmitters in an order that makes
it easy to get back up and running as quickly as possible.

As for storing your monitor, simply unplug it and turn it
off. When turned back on, the system will remember the previous settings. During storage, make sure the monitor is stored in a moderate environment. 

If you have any questions or would like to add anything,
please comment below. We are always open to suggestion.

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