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Over the last 10 years, TireMinder has achieved more awards than any other brand in the RV Industry. For those looking for the best product, there is only one choice – TireMinder.

When it comes to your safety, travel with peace of mind using the industry’s leading TPMS.

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Tire Safety – A Brief Overview from TireMinder

When driving a standard vehicle, it’s important to incorporate a quick tire check in your daily routine, such as checking your tread depth, looking for uneven wear, and making sure you have the right amount of air in your tires. As an RVer, a daily tire check is exponentially more important. We’ve all seen what … Tire Safety – A...

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Extender Friction – How a Little Friction Can Cause a Lot of Trouble

  Extender Friction – How a Little Friction Can Cause a Lot of Trouble Over the past week our customer, Jerry, shared a story with us about how his TireMinder TPMS helped him find an extender that was leaking. The most interesting part was that the extender was leaking caused from fricition. As you see … Extender Friction – How...

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