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Below you will find reviews we have received on Google, Facebook and provided to us by mail or email from our fantastic customers. Minder is proud to offer highly rated products and services that improve our customers lives backed by our award winning customer support team. 

Google Reviews

  • Avatar Richard S ★★★★★ in the last week
    Danielle was AMAZING and was able to help me fully with my replacement of the windshield mount. I love my TireMinder and will definitely upgrade my unit when I advance to a 5th wheel next year.
  • Avatar Joan L ★★★★★ a week ago
    Marland, your service tech, was exceptionally professional, patient and resolved my problem. He is an exemplary member of TireMinder team! I was definitely pleased and impressed with his step-by-step process to walk me through the fix. … More Thank you, Marland and TireMinder.
  • Avatar None Y ★★★★★ a week ago
    Tire minder is an amazing company. I have used their technical question line several times and they are always kind and have the answer. Today was no exception as Mary Foley answered my questions and was very joyful. Great job Minder. … More
  • Avatar Joseph R ★★★★★ 2 weeks ago
    Daniel was very informative and new exactly how to help me troubleshoot my issue with my sensor and made sure I had everything squared away before we finished our call.
  • Avatar Jack S ★★★★★ 2 weeks ago
    Tire Minder has great products and service, they are always eager to help and even walk you through your set up one step at a time while you complete the installation.
  • Avatar Mike H ★★★★★ 3 weeks ago
    Danielle, what a show of professionalism to deal with my problem immediately, and make sure I continue to be a happy customer.
    We need more people like this, quick, kind, professional and thorough. My thanks to you.
  • Avatar Dave C ★★★★★ 3 weeks ago
    Danielle was courteous, informative, and helpful. She helped me diagnose the cause of my problem and promptly issued an order for parts to fix my problem. Great service and great company.
  • Avatar James L ★★★★★ 3 weeks ago
    Mary Foley assisted us today, and I can’t remember ever getting better customer service, from anywhere. This lady is an asset to your company and should be recognized as such. Thanks again Mary.
  • Avatar David C ★★★★★ 4 weeks ago
    My Tire Minder TPMS has saved my bacon three times on the road over the many years I have owned it. The staff have always been very friendly and responsive to my needs. I would recommend Tire Minder to anyone.
  • Avatar Tech T ★★★★★ 4 weeks ago
    The TireMinder is a valuable addition to my RV. Customer Service has been wonderful with prompt replies and replacement of warranty products. Highly recommended.
  • Avatar Ray M ★★★★★ a month ago
    I’ve had my setup for about 5 years and it has performed well. I was surprised when I saw your battery replacement program. You guys are great.
  • Avatar Rock S ★★★★★ a month ago
    The customer service was excellent got me back on the road with the parts I needed very timely. Danielle was absolutely wonderful to work with. Thank you tireminder for still believing that customer service is still an important part of … More doing business.
  • Avatar Ken C ★★★★★ a month ago
    Marland was super helpful. He understood the Tire Minder product thoroughly, he troubleshot my device, and approved a replacement item as we determined was needed. Thanks so much for your help Marland
  • Avatar Spring kitty G ★★★★★ a month ago
    Marland was an amazing customer service representative. He answered all my questions and got me all the information I needed to get my TPMS working properly. Excellent customer service!!!
  • Avatar Wendi R ★★★★★ a month ago
    Tire Minder has the BEST customer service! Marland was patient, kind, and took the time to understand what had gone wrong (USER ERROR 🙁 ) with our system. He was great!
  • Avatar Richard B ★★★★★ a month ago
    All the people from Tireminder are great. The customer support is awesome. They walked me thru the whole procedure, this gets confusing for me.. but they were great. Thank you again for a great product. A view from our rv site in idaho, … More
  • Avatar Jim M ★★★★★ a month ago
    Great product and great service! I've been a long time user of TireMinder products and wouldn't think of looking at another TPMS product. Marlin has been particularly helpful in answering my questions to ensure that I ordered … More the correct product for my needs.
  • Avatar K ★★★★★ a month ago
    I've been using Tire Minder TPMS products for quite a few years. Top Notch products and Customer Service. I recommend to anyone with a trailer 5th wheel or Motorhome (and especially a towed car).
  • Avatar Linda C ★★★★★ a month ago
    I am so happy that Marlon took the time to walk me through the process and help me get the system working again, took two calls and a part but with his help it is repaired and working Thank You
  • Avatar Grandad R ★★★★★ a month ago
    I call because my monitor would not take a charge anymore. Danielle answered and set me up with a new monitor and then included new transmitter caps, o-rings and batteries. Sent me a return label for my old monitor for a $50 credit. Best … More customer service I've ever experienced.

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Mail and Email Reviews

“A superior product… Have been waiting for it to come along for nine years of motorcoach ownership.
Five Stars!!!”

–Leland P. (Texas)

“Love the (TPMS) unit… It has saved us several times already.”

–Pamela P. (Old Town, FL)

“One of the best products (TPMS) I’ve ever come across and I recommend it to all!”

–Edward M. (Deptford, NJ)

“You’ve got a great product that I show off everytime we’re out in the RV!”

–Dave F. (California)

“You have superb customer service.”

–Ted (Virginia)

“(The TPMS)is working great and I recommend it to all my other RV friends, I think it is a great value for the peace of mind and potential savings!”

–M.S. (Michigan)

“Hi, just want to let you now, that the Manual for my TempMinder is good and funny. Good job. Thank you!”


“Best customer service I have ever had with any company.”

–Buddy Tuck

What our customers are saying:


    • Your product has already provided me a return on investment in your product. While on a trip from Mayetta, KS to visit our son at Camp Lejeune, NC, we purchased a TireMinder TMG400C-4 at the Asheville, NC Camping World. While at the Camp Lejeune RV park on Onslow Beach, I installed the device on my camper tires. On our return to Mayetta, the TireMinder alert starting sounding as we approached the summit of Black Mountain on I-40, just east of Asheville. The alert was for real, as I discovered a tire rapidly loosing pressure. The Good Sam Emergency Road Service technician changed my tire and noted that it wasn’t a flat, but the tire was about to separate. Had I not had the TireMinder monitoring the camper tires, the tire would have separated and more than likely damaged the camper before I would have become aware of the problem and safely stopped the camper. The TireMinder probably saved me more than the cost to repair the damage had the tire separated. I will never travel without the TireMinder monitoring my camper tires. In fact, I will be purchasing additional transmitters to place on my tow vehicle. Thanks for a product that definitely works.

      – John & Deborah M. (Mayetta, KS)


    • We just returned home from a 3 1/2 month, over 10,000 mile motorhome trip to Alaska. The unit and sensors worked very well during this trip. Not only did it detect a slow leak on our tow vehicle that I was able to get fixed before it caused a problem, it saved me a lot of time each travel day by being able to check the air pressure in a couple minutes instead of having to check the 10 tires on our motorhome and Jeep tow vehicle with a tire gauge.

      – Tom K. (Ohio)


    • Six month report:

      1. Our TMG400C just saved us a totalled (separated plies) tire and a tread up into the kitchen on our travel trailer. The last such episode cost over $1,500, so we are now way ahead because of our “TireMinder”!

      2. All eight transmitters are still functioning on their now six month old batteries.

      3. We have great confidence in our “TireMinder” and use it a couple of times a day to check on pressures and temperatures.

      4. As advertised the alarm was sufficiently loud in the closed cab with A/C on, the location immediately was indicated, the pressures showed the tire deflating and were were we pleased to know what was happening before disaster struck!!! Off the road and the tire was still hissing. What would have been agony and a ruined travel expedition turned into a twenty minute tire change.

      5. We have had no transmitter/receiver issues with our tandem 30′ trailer and truck combination.

      PS- My brother’s tire pressure monitor (NOT A TIREMINDER) tells him something is going on somewhere “maybe”. It is limited to 60 psi and no temperatures. We like ours lots better….especially now that it has saved its cost about three times over!! Thanks for such a great product.”

      – Doug & Brigitte (Colorado)


    • Two year report:

      A short update on your great product: Tire Minders for our F250 and 30′ Travel Trailer (tandem) which we purchased in early 2011.

      No issues with the Tire Minder System over two travel seasons and over 10,000 miles. In fact….our only issue has been that when the transmitter batteries in the trailer started to go this summer, we were paranoid without our “early warning system” and our ability to “please check the pressures and temps” request from either myself or my wife.

      The batteries in the truck are still fine after the sixteen (16) months. We removed the batteries for the winter from the trailer transmitters, but they started showing signs of slow uptake and “no S” occasionally this summer, so we changed them out. Changing the batteries is so easy that the five minutes spent is of no consequence!

      Our biggest issue is that when we get a “no S”, we are probably over paranoid about our lack of such vital information. As you know prior to Tire Minders, we have suffered a catastrophic trailer tire failure which wiped out the entire wheel well and ruined the other same side tire with steel wire punctures. Having to change the tire on a busy highway in the hot sun and the $X,XXX. repair was a situation we did not want to repeat. Prevention with Tire Minders is 20% or less of the cost of one tire failure, we know!

      These days “we don’t start out unless the Tire Minders (8) tell us we are Good to Go”.

      Thanks again for such great products and services!”

      – Doug & Brigitte (Colorado)


    • My husband and I love your tire minder system. I had a low tire on our 2008 5th Wheel that we tow and had taken it to the shop to have it fixed. They replaced the valve stem, we brought it home and put the tire back on the 5th wheel, and installed your system that we had just purchased that same day. The next morning we found that the tire had lost from 80lbs to 54 lbs of pressure so once again we took the tire off and took it back to the shop at which time they found a crack in the inside of the wheel rim itself.

      Your system saved us a problem that could have occured when we leave for our trip next week and as we live in our 5th wheel full time and it goes with us everywhere.

      – Rose H. (Florida)


    • This is just a note to say thank you very much for all your patience and help with my TireMinder (TPMS.)

      The (TPMS) is working like a charm. There has been no trouble since we got it installed. The tire pressure on the inner right dual was low just like the Minder told me it was! There hasn’t been any difficulty with it reading the tires incorrectly when the car is taken away. It comes on immediately when I get near it, just as you said it would.

      For thirty years I worked for the New Jersey Turnpike visiting the scenes of a great many truck accidents and fires. I kept no record of the truck fires, but I would guess that at least 90% were as a result of flat tires driven too long. The fires almost always resulted in serious, usually total, damage. As you know, tire fires do not extinguish easily, and usually cannot be put out with extinguishers. Even with a high flow of water it is very difficult.

      As a result of my experience, I have always been concerned about the tires on my coach as well as on my towed car. My new TireMinder gives me a great deal of comfort.

      – Howard H. (Fort Myers, Florida)


    • After several months of research we obtained the Tire Minder for our motor home and tow vehicle. The system has performed nearly flawlessly since new. We had a sensor problem early on and when I contacted Minder Research they sent me a new sensor while we were on the road! Talk about great customer service!! We have purchased additional sensors and have installed them on the ATV trailer as well. We’ve recommended Tire Minder to several others because of the quality, customer service and peace of mind we have experienced. Thanks for a great product.

      – Tim and Chris C (Colorado)


    • Hi Elaine Thanks so much for the quick replacement of my TPMS transmitter. As luck would have it the new one saved us from having a very serious problem on I-84 in Oregon a few days after Christmas. ( The same area that the tour bus went over the cliff 2 days after we had a tire going flat)… The TMPS system warned us that we were losing air in the ATV trailer behind our 5th wheel. Conditions were wet slush and occasional snow. The warning gave us time to get off the Interstate and find a safe spot to change the tire. With out the warning we probably would have ground off the wheel and hub and been stranded 50 miles from help. When we bought the ATV trailer I knew that I needed some type of warning system and purchased the TMG400C before we hit the road. Keep up the good work.

      – Garry & Susan (Fort Myers, Florida)


    • I couldn’t be more pleased with the Minder Research customer service! First the friendly and patient representative helped me re-set the monitor…she talked me through the process and said – it turned out to be simple – I just needed to be a little more patience. Then I told her about a couple pressure transmitters I destroyed by installing them on my Harley that has angled valve stems. When I put the transmitters on the bike I spun the wheels and thought everything was good to go, only to find out that the angled valves allowed the transmitters to hit the break calipers. After a short ride the transmitters were destroyed and the tires were quickly loosing air pressure. After the call to Minder Research, new transmitters and batteries were on their way. I can’t say enough about the great American product and customer service. Thank you!!!!

      – Lee Troupe


    • Just purchased a TempMinder, and loved the common sense/ humourous instructions….Would it be that all technical gizzmos came with the same type of instruction…. Oh, by the way, I got it up and running in no time. Many Thanks

      – Dave Barrett (Nova Scotia, Canada)


    • Your TireMinder alarmed on my trailer while on the Interstate. The TPMS reported one of the tires going low. I pulled off the highway and verified the accuracy of the Tire Minder with a pressure gauge. After changing the tire, we were on our way. NO DAMAGE to the trailer. I estimate that having the Tire Minder saved us several thousands of dollars in repairs to the trailer had the tire failed at highway speed.

      – John T. (Arkansas)


    • We’ve been using our TPMS for over 2 years, and it’s given us great peace of mind as we drive our 32′ class A with a tow vehicle. I echo all the other positive testimonials I’ve read and want to add my own special accolades for the Minder Research customer service philosophy. On our last trip, which covered 9 weeks and 6000 miles, we developed a problem… Jen, Dustin, and Elaine were all amazing with regard to making sure we had what we needed to stay safe on the road while they addressed the issue that had developed. They were great at keeping us informed and getting a replacement (part) into our hands while they diagnosed the problem with our original one. This is a great product and a great team! Thanks to you all!

      – Richard A.


    • I recently purchase a 2008 Monaco Camelot on which the previous owner had installed TireMinder. To say I am thrilled with the TireMInder is an understatement. Very early into our trip it warned me of a potential problem which not only saved my tire but prevented the damage to the coach which a blowout would have caused. For this reason I will never own a motor home without TIreMinder. It took me quite a while to figure out how to set the TireMInder correctly. It kept giving me false readings. Jennifer really, really went the extra mile for me. She worked with me 4 times!!! She stayed on the line walking me through every step until we had the monitor set correctly. Thank you Jennifer!!

      – Dennis Schneider


    • Last week I called Minder Research with a minor technical question about my TPMS. I chatted with Dustin, one of your tech reps. He was absolutely excellent in addressing and resolving my issue. So – again – thanks to all of you at Minder Research for instilling such a high level of customer service focus throughout your organization.

      – Dick A.


    • This company has the best customer service I’ve ever had thanks to Jennifer Zwicky! She addressed my problems and ended up sending me a new TempMinder which was costly to send to Canada. It arrived damaged so she sent another one…even with batteries! This one is working perfect. If you need help…contact Jennifer,she is the BEST! Thanks,Jen

      – Deb LeBlanc (Arkansas)


    • Dear Minder Research Inc. I recently purchased one of your indoor/outdoor digital thermometers and I wanted to tell you how happy my husband was to unpack and set the thermometer. Your instruction sheet made all the difference. It was informative, but best of all, it was funny. Thank you so much for making a “chore” so much fun to complete. Sincerely, Lorna N.

      – Lorna N. (Alberta, Canada)


    • I recently purchased the TireMinder for my RV and toad which I trailer my motorcycle on. I left Florida to go to Tennessee to visit the folks. The TireMinder gave me peace of mind since I can’t see my dually tires on my class C, as well as my toad. It was a relief not worry about an inside blow-out and not know about it.(Had that happen before, hence I bought the TPMS system.) When I crossed the Tenn. state line, I left the I-65 onto a two lane and then pulled over onto a gravel side for a relief break. About 2 minutes after stopping, The tireMinder went to flashing and beeping. 2 of my tires showed a rapid air loss. I checked and they were fine and the tireminder calmed down. Turns out the tires had cooled so quick the pressure dropped enough to signal the unit. No Biggie. Checked the Minder website and they said this happens sometimes. One of the tires was on my toad. It kept giving me false temps and pressures. I thought maybe the batttery was bad and I opened it up and found the clip That held the battery in place was broke. After completing the trip, I contacted Jennifer at Customer Service and she told me to send it the Warrenty card, and the proof of purchase to them and they would replace it. (I thought I sent the card in, but I filled it out and left it in the RV.) Since it had only been about a month and a half since I bought it, she said no problem send it in. I did and they sent a replacement transmitter and battery toot sweet and in a flash. I just want to say to the Minder Team, I know sometimes you get a dud, but your Customer Service and Product was really great. Kudos to a great product and the poeple at Minder Research. The peace of mind was load off my worry list.

      – Joseph Lee (Arkansas)


    • I purchased the 400 series TPMS system from Minder Research along with four additional tire pressure / temperature sensors. This system provided me with the “peace of mind” to know that my 39 foot fifth wheel and my truck tires are at a safe operating pressure / temperature. I researched several aftermarket systems before I bought the TireMinder and I made the correct choice. Thanks for making a competent / capable product. I also really like your approach to battery replacement. Thanks.

      – Brett (Orlando, FL)


    • Jennifer is an amazingly friendly, knowledgeable and patient member of the Minder Reseach team. We reached her immediately on the phone without having to slosh through interminable menu choices. We were having a problem – very likely of our own making – and she walked us through clearing out the info we had programmed and continued walking us through setting up our (TireMinder TPMS)unit properly. Kudos and AAA+++ for customer service knowledge and attitude. We will surely recommend this product and firm SPECIALLY since even though it’s made in China, the customer service is here in the US!! THANKS!!!!

      – MaryAnn and Mark


    • Pass this along… folks are wonderful… and we are glad we purchased your (TPMS)product.

      – Steve C. (Arizona)


    • Dear TireMinder, I blew a new tire with less than 1500 miles in AZ. I wish I had bought a TireMinder. The tire blow out cost me $1800 dollars, new brakes, rotor etc. After buying (the) TireMinder and continuing on our trip, I noticed the temp was high on the replacement tire. It turned out the bearing had frozen. I am glad the TireMinder indicated a problem before I had another break down. Had the bearing replaced and had a great trip to the Grand Canyon. Thanks, George R.

      – George (Newburyport, MA)


    • I just recieved my TMG400C yesterday and I’m looking forward to getting the transmitters installed on my 30′ travel trailer so I relax some on the road.

      – Earl Wheeland


    • Just a short note to let you know that the tire minders are all working great. Enjoyed our visit with you at your showroom. Send us a sticker when you get them designed. Thanks again,

      – Ed & Pat Silva


    • To Whom It May Concern: I have just purchased the TempMinder MRC555. The best part of this purchase was reading the enclosed instructions. Please pass along my appreciation to the author of these instructions for the sense of humour he/she imparted to what is normally a very mundane read. I can never remember a time when I so eagerly devoured “the manual” for an electronic device. Best wishes to the court jester.

      – Ardeth (BC Canada)


    • Hello! I have purchased the Tempminder MRC555. I carefully followed your insightful instructions to the letter and to the -ha! I’m pleased to be considered “a programming genius”. But what must be lauded is your sense of humour and more importantly: excellent instructions. Both are crucial to achieve success. Thank you.

      – Elma


    • Just a short note to let you know that the (TPMS) system arrived in good shape. I put it on my trailer with no difficulty (instructions were easy), and off I went for an 1100 mile trip each way from Washington to Colorado for hunting. We ran into rain, had to chain up for the mud, etc but made the trip successfully. The Tireminder system worked without flaw. I must compliment your system – It gave me a great peace-of-mind, especially while traveling at night where I couldn’t see the tires to know that everything was OK. You’ve got a great product.

      – Keith R.


    • We just returned from a trip to the Cowboy Symposium in Ruidoso New Mexico. Near Tinney New Mexico our Tire Minder system alerted us to a low tire pressure situation. We found a screw in the tire and installed the spare. On the way home our Tire Minder system once again alerted us to a low pressure condition. We found another tire with a puncture and installed the spare. We experienced two tire problems in one excursion and neither one resulted in a tire failure or damage to our 5th wheel due to a failed tire. We feel that our Tire Minder system saved us THOUSANDS of dollars in tire and trailer damage in just one trip. Thank you for a wonderful product

      – Lee (Texas)


    • A superior product. Have been waiting for it to come along for nine years of mototcoach ownership. Five Stars *****

      – Lee P. (Granbury, TX)


    • The TireMinder system has given us an extra level of security and peace of mind given that the rear view camera in our motor home does not allow us to clearly see the tires on our towed vehicle… Rest assured that I will tell our RV friends about the TireMinder system as it is the best on the market.

      – Tim (Colorado)


    • The Tire Minder has put peace of mind back into my travels. Pulling a triple axle RV, you can’t tell if you have a tire issue unless you happen to see it go. With the TPMS, I know the status of all 10 tires on the ground at all times. I use it whenever I pull any trailer as it’s so easy to install and transfer. Minder Research has great customer service and are very willing to help out. Good investiment for me!!!

      – Dave Fisher


    • Thanks for making a great product—the Tireminder alerted me to a leaking tire while driving down I-10—at first I thought it was giving me a false alarm, but I monitored the pressure readings for a couple minutes in did see a decrease. When I pulled over, I discovered that the 5th Wheel tire tread was starting to separate. If I didn’t have the Tireminder, the wheel would have blown while I was doing 70 MPH down the highway, with potentially catastrophic results—thanks!!!!!!!

      – Dan (S. Florida)


    • Customer Service is open Monday – Friday, 9-5 EST. Please check your SPAM/JUNK file before you assume that your email has gone unanswered- we answer all email wthin 24 hours except on Saturday/Sunday. Please feel free to CALL US at 772-463-6522 if you do not get an email response. Please also remember, if you mis-type your email address, we have NO WAY to contact you unless you also leave a phone number. If you do call to leave us a telephone message, be sure to leave a call back number and your name so we can return your call promptly. It makes us crazy to know there is someone out there who needs our assistance, but we cannot make out the phone number on the machine, or when our email bounces back to us!! We strive for excellent customer service for our customers, and stand behind our products. We ARE here to help!

      – The Minder Team


    • Just have to tell you how much I loved reading your instructions…. brilliant! (MRC-105AG)

      – Dave D. Walkerton (Ontario, Canada)


    • To All at Minder Research, Thank you so much for answering all my questions and concerns about the Tire Minder System. I apologize for taking so long to let you know how the installation went, but I am old and these things happen. It was a surprise and joy to find the little gift in the package with my Tire Minder system. Those Tea Lights are a neat product and the blow on/off function was amazing. Now, down the the real reason for this message. I have received and installed my new Tire Minder System. I found the instructions to be complete, easy to follow, and entertaining. I had no problems or delays with the installation. Your instructions were concise and complete. I was able to get the system fully functional the very first time I tried. I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the people and product at Minder Research. Please feel free to use me and my installation as a referral for anyone wishing to confirm the value of your product. Thanks again, Lee

      – Lee M. (Bandera, Texas)


    • I think (know!) that your (TPMS) product is great and you can use my name! WSL

      – William Lane (California)


    • Hi there; I recently purchased your product Tempminder MRC555 and want you to know how much I enjoyed the humorous instructions. We all need more humour in this stressful life. Just wanted you to know. Sincerely, Lela

      – Lela B. (Canada)


    • Thanks! It’s people like you (customer service) that make your company stand out from the rest.

      – Amy (Canada)


    • This TPMS may have saved our lives, who knows. From looking at my front tires I could not tell one had leaked and the other had not. The left front was 42 psi The right front was 65 psi (recommended) I fixed this before we ever left the house. It’s usually inflation that causes tire blowouts (according to Michelin)

      – Seelie


    • Great item for a single woman to have in her car! “Big Blue” Digital Tire Gauge Thanks!

      – Pam (Arizona)


    • I have been towing recreational trailers for thirty years, and never had a single tire failure. This summer, two of my neighbors purchased the “Tire Minder” I helped install and program the units for both of my neighbors. After seeing how good they were, I decided to purchase one for myself. On my first trip, which was to Orlando florida,and about 2,200 miles after The installation of the “Tire Minder”, I got a “low tire” alert. I was about 150 from home. I stopped three times to bring the tire to proper inflation, and limped home. Upon removal and inspection of the tire, I discovered that the tire had a slow leak, and a ruptured side wall belt. The tire minder alert system prevented me from driving on this “low pressure” tire at normal highway speed, thus preventing a full blow out, and leaving my wife and I stranded just 150 miles from home, trying to buy and replace a load range D tire. This was money well spent. Frank Mucci ps. It took 5 days to order 4 new tires for my trailer.

      – Frank Mucci


    • Count me as one satisfied customer!

      – Debby (Connecticut)


    • I recently corresponded with you regarding an issue with my MRC880 and received a telephone call from you in response. I’m pleased with the message left and I commend you on this, my second experience with your customer support. This outstanding service ensures my loyalty to your firm.

      – NP (Canada)


    • Just received the TMG400C TPMS and wow! It was easy to program and best of all, I moved about 70 feet away from my truck and the receiver continued to pick up the transmitters. This system seems far superior to the Hopkins TPMS that I am replacing. I could never reliably receive pressures from my trailer’s tires with the old system – it looks like the TireMinder may work perfectly even without the signal booster. Great product, and thank you for making it so we can replace the batteries!

      – Jack Lyon


    • I rarely write to compliment anyone because it rarely happens! Minder Research is an exception! You can not deal with a better company or a better group of people with top of the line products. I purchased a TireMinder 400 for my new travel trailer before leaving on a 7 week trip. After having a problem with a sensor before leaving, Jennifer helped me talk to Chuck who talked me through the trouble shooting procedure to verify I had done my part correctly. He determined he wanted to send me a replacement sensor. As we were leaving Albuquerque going to Florida the next day, he arranged to have the part delivered where we would be in Florida. The part was there and we continued on our trip. The system functions perfectly and is so accurate. Once Again, You are the greatest and I have and will recommend your company and products to everyone. (Your customer service is top of the line.) That’s something special with you. PS: Chuck, Thanks for having a great sense of humor. The world needs more of that today. I enjoyed talking to you.

      – Roger Tholburn


    • You have gone above the call of duty when it comes to customer service. You have been GREAT! Thanks Again. Your (TMG400C-4 TPMS)is awesome and worked perfectly. I would be happy to give anyone my highest recommendations for Minder Research.

      – Roger T.


    • Great (MRC28JM) thermometer for my greenhouse…thanks!!

      – Noah


    • You have the greatest customer service…

      – Tim H.


    • You have the greatest customer service….

      – David


    • I received my Tempminder as a gift and had problems with it not showing the correct outside temperature. I notified Jennifer Z., Operations Manager, and communicated by E-Mail and (with no receipt) she arranged to replace my unit with one that showed all correct data. I was so pleased with the kindness and interest shown by her. She is the real deal when it comes to customer service. Rick Bergen Kitchener Canada

      – Rick


    • TireMinder(TMG300C TPMS) is a GREAT product! Excellent range. Rapid ship. XCLNT cust svc. Thx

      – Sarah



      – Bud


    • Love the weather station. Fast shipping!

      – Beverly


    • You guys are great!

      – Corey


    • I’m delighted to inform you that at the instant I inserted the batteries (into the MRC880)the receiver began receiving the correct temperature from my hot tub, and from anywhere in my house I’m also pleased to report. I’m extremely impressed with Minder Research’s customer service and will be “singing the praises” of your company to my hot tubbing friends.

      – N.P.


    • We have been very pleased with the overall efficiency and quality of the unit (MRC880) and look forward to many more years of use. . . it is winter here and this unit is invaluable in keeping our minds at ease that all is well with the spa outside. You have been a pleasure to deal with.

      – Mary (Pittsford, NY)


    • I gave the MRC800 to Mom for Xmas and just had a chance to mount it the other day. It works perfectly and with the big numbers is easy for her to read. Thanks again.

      – Wayne


    • The MRC 880 sure saves me a LOT of time, not going out to check hot tub, every daggone morning!!! Thanks

      – Wayne


    • Great Product! Great Price! Fast Delivery!

      – Adam


    • Hey there; just picked up one of your weather centre units. The format of the instructions couldn’t be better written. So straight forward and easy to follow it makes one wonder; why can’t all devise instructions be written this way? So in summary, keep up the good work and Happy New Year. Regards, Bob & Sue

      – Bob & Sue


    • We bought ourselves the MRC105AG temp minder for a Christmas present and are thorough pleased with it. Got a big kick out of the humorous instructions too!

      – Diane Simon and Bruce Riseborough


    • Speedy service. Product received as advertised. Thank you Minder Inc.

      – DJ MILES


    • Great customer service, Thanks Chuck

      – Roger Huffman


    • We received the MRC880 (wireless pool monitor)and it works great. Thx.

      – Marc



      – James


    • Exactly as described, quickly shipped!

      – Pete


    • I really appreciate the customer support that Tire Minder is providing me.

      – Ron


    • fast,super service, great products!

      – Gustavo


    • Amazing products and fantastic shipping – I place my order at 4pm. on a Friday afternoon and received my shipment on Monday. Great!!!

      – Christina Benoit


    • The (TempMinders) are fantastic products! I couldn’t be more pleased with their quality and capabilities. A pool owner who is serious about efficient pool maintenance needs these products. Our pool is in Central California. The pool budget can get strained in this environment; the TempMinder products will help us save money by alerting us not to overheat the pool. In fact, I’m so pleased that I plan to purchase an identical set to keep as a back-up! If you need any further product testimonials, please don’t hesitate to ask. Best Regards, Dr. Gregory de Silva

      – Dr. Gregory de Silva


    • I really LOVE my nightlight- it is great. Your products are so unique. It was a GREAT experience talking to you and being treated like a special customer. It means alot. You are an asset to your company. God bless you. Sincerely, Patty Magan

      – Patty Magan


    • Thanks For your help, my TireMinder® is now functioning properly. Over the past 2 years I have relied on it to the point where I preferred not to move the RV without it. The service and the advice provided by you and your company has been outstanding. Thanks again.

      – Joe Cavanaugh


    • After two blowouts on a Sunday afternoon, I chose to but the TireMinder®. That was one and a half years ago and I have been so pleased and given some level of comfort. Thanks for your product and kind service when I call for advice. Enclosed is my first return and thanks in advance for the batteries.

      – Frank Starr


    • The system sure provides peace of mind when on the road. I recommend you to all my friends who don’t have a system.

      – Bobby Clemons


    • Love the peace of mind this gives us.

      – Harlan Schafer


    • Just a follow-on after our second season to confirm the entire system reboots in the spring if you follow your guidance. Thanks for a great product that takes the worry out of tire concerns.

      This purchase alone has saved us from three blowouts over two seasons, gave us lots of time to safely pull over and deal with whatever issue.

      Hard to put a value on the system, but the blow-out that precipitated the purchase was costly. We lost days, paid out over a thousand dollars to replace the tire and repair the wheel well, and we were stuck on the curved edge of a high speed interstate wedged along a narrow guard rail until the police got us to a safe repair spot.

      Will never travel without the Minder again!!!

      – Josephine & Mike O’Prey


    • I went to Camping World and bouth the TireMinder® System for out motorhome because I wanted my wife and me to be as safe as possible, being we are new at traveling.

      When we bought the system and has a salesman show us where they were at. He never asked me any questions of any kind. I bought the system with six transmitters, which wasn’t that cheap and walked out and have installed them.

      My wife filled out the warranty card and sent it in.

      I get an email and I was shocked at what I read. Telling me I may have bought the wrong transmitters! Elaine asked if she could call me and of course I said yes. When she called, she explained that the transmitters I bought were for aluminum and asked me what I was putting them on. I explained I was putting them on our 39′ Airstream Motorhome and asked me to send them back and swap out for the right ones. Without going into more detail, I’m so impressed with a company (TireMinder®) with its honesty to take care of their customers that I’m lost with the right words to say thank-you and believe me I will recommend your product to everyone I talk with. Plus I’m a tire salesman and wholesale in 4 states and I’m going to brag you up! Again thanks so much, I wish I had the right words to express how impressed I am.

      – Jim R Sloan


    • Thank you very much. I am very happy owner of my TireMinder® TPMS. It has performed at or above my expectations for the past two years (including traveling to Alaska and back to Florida).

      – Edward Headington


    • We live on a ranch in Central Text and I do a lot of business over the phone and internet. Once in a while I come across someone that makes life easier. Your help is a key factor in our motor home. Thanks for sending me the transmitters – it was the answer to my “will it fit” question. We still have a few questions and will call soon.
      Thanks for making life easier,

      – Ron Rice


    • I enjoy the comfort of your system and look forward to another relaxed year on the road,

      – Pat


    • Thanks for keeping us safe on the road!

      – Dale Orth


    • It is a pleasure to deal with a company that has the best interest of the customer in all that you did.

      Thank you very much,

      – Leon Keiser


    • I have had a number of contacts with your company, and I must say your customer service is outstanding and your emails are helpful. I have recommended your product to a number of people and I am aware of at least six who have purchased your products. With the number of tire failures I have had in the past three years, the TireMinder gives me peace of mind, especially driving at night.

      – Bobby J. Harris


    • On 1-25-14, while towing my 1925 Franklin to a show in Sarasota, my TireMinder warned me of a sudden pressure loss in one tire. I pulled off I-75 ASAP and found that my right front trailer tire had lost its tread entirely. The tire was still aired up, but surely would have blown shortly. I had the tire changed within 1/2 hour, and was back on the road after an additional 1/2 hour, which I spent telling spectators how thankful I am for my TireMinder system. TireMinder saved 2 trips from becoming a disaster, once again.

      Thank you,

      – Norm Madsen


    • In the first three months it warned me of a broken valve stem on the inside tire of my left side dual wheel on my class A motor home. In seconds it alarmed and showed an 80 psig reading for a 110 psig tire. In three- four seconds later when I had safely pulled over, the pressure had dropped to 60 psig. My Coachnet service had my tires/wheels removed and stem replaced without ANY damage to the tires or coach. My tires were three months old and valued at over $600 each so I was very pleased with the TireMinder performance.

      – Ed Evans


    • We purchased a Tire Minder System almost 3 years ago and it has saved us major grief and expense twice.
      We trailer a 16’ enclosed trailer with 2 expensive motorcycles to some of the many beautiful areas in the States. On a trip to Yellowstone with a detour through the Big Horn Mountains, we got a low pressure alarm. This enabled us plenty of time to pull off and change the tire prior to any major time loss, damage & expense.
      On another trip through the Bad Lands, pulling the same trailer, we received an alarm due to a faulty valve stem and slow leak. This also saved us major loss of time, damage & expense by detecting an issue before it became a problem.

      As we all know, pulling a trailer or toad behind a motorhome is somewhat nerve-wracking, but having the Tire Minder System on board gives me the piece of mind to help enjoy us travels.
      I truly believe in the Tire Minder System and have recommended it to many people. 2 of my camping friends have already purchased them and 1 wished he did. After having new tires installed on his motorhome a year prior, he felt safe starting out on a trip West. 1 week later and 3 states away, he had a valve stem failure. By the time he realized the problem on a rear dually, he ruined the tire. Not having a spare and in the middle of nowhere, was a costly mistake for time and money.

      We were at the Madison 2015 FMCA Rally and enjoyed talking to Deb at the Tire Minder Booth.
      She sent us to see their Service Tech, I believe her name was Elaine. She was extremely helpful and very knowledgeable. My wife & I enjoyed talking to her and felt the 15 minutes we spent with her, made our time at the rally even more enjoyable.

      Thank you Tire Minder

      – Bob Spencer –
      Baraboo, Wisc.


    • Let me first say how truly please I am with your product, the TireMinder® Tire Pressure Monitoring System 6-Wheel kit. I have been using my unit for just over a year and am delighted with the freedom it offers. The ability to measure both temperature and pressure, anytime I am traveling with my RV and while on the go provide me with the peace of mind knowing that I will be alerted whenever a dangerous condition exists. Thanks for such a great product.

      – Chad Anderson – Spokane, WA


    • TireMinder is THE BEST!!! Works like a charm! Thank you again

      – Richard Hayhurst – Deming, NM


    • What a peace of mind when I am driving with this system!

      – Doug W.


    • System worked perfect all the way back to Florida. Worked so good it detected a leak while heading for Gettysburg. Pressure was dropping quickly so I pulled over and got out on side of exit. Tire was almost flat. Inner sidewall blowout. I do believe if system didn’t detect this tire would have blown and done a considerable amount of damage..
      …If the tires were only as good as your system.Thanks again

      – Carl C.


    • This system has not failed me yet and I will not travel unless it is functioning properly. We just completed a trip from Michigan to Yellowstone and then Alaska and found the TireMinder provided a great feel of peace of mind when it came to monitoring the tires during our travels.

      – Bob Moran


    • We would also like to take this time to tell you we are very satisfied with our system and its performance and continue to recommend it to all our fellow RVers.

      – Lurther Ronald and Lynda Bell


    • I am very please with the performance of the TM-A1A TPMS… and thanks for good instructions that show how to replace a Sensor by deactivating the original. Initially I couldn’t get the Sensor to sync… then realized that I needed to deactivate the replacement Sensor from its original position on the Jeep.

      – Marty G. Cupertino, CA


    • Thanks again for the great service that you provide. It is great to deal with someone that stands behind their products.

      – Mike Kohut


    • I just want to let you know that I love your product and figured it paid for itself this last summer. We were camped near Truckee CA for a few days. As we were getting ready to leave I noticed that the pressure in the right inside (it’s always the inside) rear tire was down 42PSI less than 1/2 of what it should be. Checking it out I found what turned out to be a small screw in the thread. We pumped it up to normal pressure and drove, very slowly, into town where it was repaired.
      Without the TireMinder, I very likely would have driven off as the tire looked fine. A blow out and possible body damage were likely.

      – Brian Fisher, Newberry Springs, CA


    • I called today with a warranty issue and wanted to let you know Marland has been fantastic to work with. It is nice to know in this day and age there are still companies that give excellent customer service!

      – Bill Spight


    • I have had Tire Minders on my 5th wheel since 9/13 and 2 years ago added sensors to the trailer I pull behind my 5th wheel with our ATV. Having the Minders on the tires gives me a great sense of comfort. In 2013 before the minders, I had a flat on my 5th wheel, but luckily a car was right next to me when the tire went and got my attention so I could pull off the freeway with almost no damage to the 5th wheel. After a new set of tires, I ordered the Minder and have been traveling with them ever since. Three weeks ago I and 3 others headed to South Dakota from Colorado to camp for 2 weeks and run our ATV’s. After about 310 miles, the Minder gave an alert of a slow leak. Because we were within 30 miles of our destination, I hit the tire button on the receiver and continued on, thinking I could make that little distance. About 5 miles down the road there was another alert of a slow leak and the tire pressure had dropped again, so I along with my travel mates pulled off the road and changed the tire. If it was not for having the Minder on the tires, I would not have even known about the leak until it was to late and the side of my 5th wheel would have received some level of damage. Once we all reached our campsite, we talked about the flat and I said I will not have a trailer without the Minder. Since they saw that the system does work well and with one of the friends having had $7,000 dollars of damage to his toy hauler 2 years back, they both were going to order your unit. A few days later, a guy came in with a new very large 5th wheel and we got talking and it came around to tires and flats (since I shared my experience) and I recommended your product again. I guess you could say I am really sold on your product and believe everyone should have a Minder on their trailer for piece of mind. I have said that the Minder is cheaper than their insurance deductible and saves from having the headaches of having their RV repaired after a tire blows.
      Keep up the good work, your Minder advocate.

      – Paul Kaiser


    • I know you have so many of these stories but I have to add mine. Just this one experience saved me the cost of the tire minder for my travel trailer. We are full timers traveling south in the winter and move across the country the rest of the time. So this product is essential to our well-being while on the road.

      We were traveling down I-75 near Fort Myers when the tire minder sounded an alarm. My wife looked at the minder and said that it showed the rear tire on the right side of trailer as losing air. I asked what was the pressure in the tire and she indicated that it was zero. We never heard the blow-out. I remembered the instructions in your manual that said no need to panic. We got off the interstate at the next ramp, moved to a shopping center parking lot and changed the tire. If it wasn’t for the tire minder we would have continued driving and wouldn’t have known we had a flat until the tire had started smoking.

      It sure saved us a bunch of trouble. I tell others that we meet in various campsites our story and recommend your product with the booster. Thanks for a great product.

      – Bob Belschner


    • Thank you for your excellent attention to quality and good service.

      -Daryl Roudybush


    • I wanted to include a note with the return of the tire minder components. I replaced the old receiver (enclosed in return) with the new one, added the new transmitter to my set and programmed all 8 transmitters to the new receiver. We took the truck and trailer on a trip last week, and all components performed great!
      I just wanted to say thanks for your help and for having a system that puts my wife’s mind at ease as we
      travel down the highways.

      -Vin Muller


    • I want to let you know your transmitters saved us time and who knows what else when they alerted me to a tire going down as we were exiting I 65. I was able to have the tire checked and found it was not the tire but a stress crack in the wheel. We were only about 180 miles from home and put the spare on and made it home okay.
      I tell everyone who brings up tire problems about your product, how well the service is from your representatives, and your free battery program.

      -Gary S.


    • Approximately 1 year ago I purchased and installed a TireMinder system on my fifth wheel travel trailer. The system has performed flawlessly and provides a great deal of peace of mind when towing…
      Thank you for an excellent product.

      -Bruce F.


    • Last fall we were between Flagstaff and Phoenix when at a rest stop I noticed a bulge while doing a tire check, had developed on one of my 5th wheel tires. It was a hot day and we were just about fully loaded so it was decision time, do I call tire service and/or put on the spare, guaranteed to cost 3-4 hours time? We were about 75 miles from Phoenix and had a commitment to be there on time so decided to carefully push on. My wife monitored the tire pressure continuously in case the tire started losing air and we slowed down to 50 MPH watching pressure and temperature. Short story is we made it OK, and a few days later took the tire to Goodyear tire store and they prorated it, cost just $15.00. I always say, one blowout minimum cost exceeds the Tire Minder total cost, and it is usually much worse than just a new tire!! Ironically on the way down we came across a toy hauler and truck on their side blocking both lanes, due to a blowout on a curve. Bet that cost them at least 100 times the cost of TM…

      -John S.


    • No matter how much I put into tires, the damn things blow. Fortunately last
      October I completely upgraded my Tire Minder system and Tire Minder caught
      it -no damage to the RV except a slightly bent trim piece where the Tire
      Minder sticker was.

      Thank you!

      -Terry S.


    • I wish I had bought tire minder because I blew a tire out in New Mexico, over $2000 to repair my vehicle. I felt I didn’t need a tire monitoring
      system I was wrong! The system I have is working great and gives me a sense
      of safety.

      -George R.


    • Just a note to let Tire Minder know how it saved our bacon. We are currently on a trip through New England. On our way we had stopped in Charlotte to tour the speedway. When we left heading toward West Virginia our tire monitor went off indicating a rapid leak. The passenger side rear inside tire was leaking and tire minder gave us enough time to safely find an exit to handle to tire change. It turned out to be a screw that was apparently in the tire for a while. The head finally wore off causing the leak. Thank you and the Tire Minder folks for a great product.

      -Raymond F.


1 thought on “Testimonials”

  1. I have been a proponent of this product since I first purchased one for my trailer. After the experience I had with that purchase, I also then purchased one for the Harley Trike. The product has performed flawlessly since the beginning, and I have shared my story with everyone I speak with on this topic. I strongly recommend the product to everyone.

    Just recently, my front tire unit on the Trike ceased communicating with the app. I contacted support and I can tell you I received what was one of the most fantastic customer service experiences in my life. The support agent and the supporting IT systems that they possess are clearly industry leading and aimed at providing a superior customer experience.

    The technician (Kyle) was extremely professional and helpful, adding an additional reason for me to continue being a strong advocator for the product.

    I spent my entire career in the customer service side of my industry, so I recognize exemplary customer service when I receive it. This company and it’s employees have built a product and service that I would call second to none – Industry leading and focused on ease of use.

    Thank you to everyone at Minder for all of this – You have certainly gained a customer for life.


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