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Holiday Gift Ideas for the RVer Who Loves Safety

The holiday season is upon us, and if you’re searching for the perfect gift for the RVer in your life who prioritizes safety, then look no further. In this article, we will explore a range of gift ideas that are sure to bring peace of mind to any road-tripping enthusiast. Whether it’s a precise tire pressure gauge, convenient valve extenders, a portable air compressor, or a state-of-the-art tire monitoring system, these safety-focused gifts are guaranteed to make this holiday season unforgettable for your safety-conscious RVer. Let’s dive in and discover the top holiday gift ideas for the RVer who loves safety.

Tire Pressure Gauge

Everyone could use a good tire gauge that’s accurate, easy to use, and reliable. That’s why we recommend our new TireMinder Compact Dial Tire Gauge. This gauge features a +/- 1PSI accuracy from 10 to 160 PSI and comes with its own carrying case. It’s a high quality gauge that can meet any pressure requirement. See it in action here:

At only $16.99, it’s a great stocking stuffer for the pressure fanatic in your family.

Valve Extenders

Does your love one complain about the difficulty of airing up your tires? Then a valve extender might be the perfect gift! With TireMinder Valve Extenders, you’ll be able to make sure that whatever direction your valve stem is facing, you can air up with ease. See our line here:

TireMinder Valve Extenders start at only $11.99 and can be found at your local Camping World, General RV, and online at

Air Compressor

Nothing beats having air when you need it, especially when you’re on the road! Give your loved one the gift of peace of mind by gifting a 12 volt air compressor. The TireMinder RV AIR Compressor is specifically designed for RVs. It’s lightweight at only 14lb and quiet at only 60dB (that’s about as loud as a normal conversation). What’s more is that it can fill up your high PSI tire, up to 150 PSI. Convenience is key when your RVing and this compressor makes filling up your tire a breeze. Want to see it working, view below!

This item can be purchased in store or online at Camping World, General RV, eTrailer, and Amazon.

RV Tire Monitoring System

What’s better than the peace of mind you’ll get from always knowing what your tire pressure is going down the road? With over 21 first-place industry awards and 400+ 5-star reviews on Google, TireMinder is the #1 choice in tire monitoring. For the biggest gift of peace of mind, a TireMinder tire monitoring system is a choice you can’t go wrong with. While systems come in all shapes and sizes, we recommend either the TireMinder i10 or TireMinder Smart TPMS if you’ll be using it on a towable. To see a comparison between those models, view the video below:

If you’ll be using it on a Motorhome and have a tow vehicle, the TireMinder A1AS is the system designed for you!

All models can be found in store or online at your favorite RV dealer.